Are these new solar shingles the future of residential roofing?

By Kim Cox:

So it looks like some really cool and exciting roofing shingles will be available from Tesla in a few months.

And these new shingles will have solar cells built right into them!

When your roof needs to be replaced… just imagine replacing it with shingles that can power your home with clean energy, look great, lasts longer than traditional shingles…

Old solar panels on roof

Bulky solar panels on your roof may be a thing of the past… (Image courtesy of franky242 at

And according to Elon Musk, (you know… the Tesla and SolarCity guy), it will also cost less than traditional shingles when projected utility savings are factored in… (We’ll both just have to wait and see about this, I guess)

Tesla recently announced four styles of tempered-glass solar roofing tiles that will be extremely efficient, light, durable, and impact resistant.

Yet according to Tesla’s website, they’ll look beautiful on your home, the solar cells virtually invisible from the street. (source:

From my perspective, if the reality is anything like their claims, it sounds like a win for home owners, especially ones interested in clean, renewable energy.

Exciting new roofs with integrated solar cells right around the corner?

Just think… no more giant, ugly, expensive solar panels bolted on top of your roof, causing damaging, costly leaks!

The new solar cells will be the roof, and that’s really cool if you need to replace your roof anyway.

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