Business Coaching for the Professional Contractor

Why hire a business COACH?
After all…
  • I went into business for myself to do it my way.
  • It’s my business and I am responsible for doing everything.
  • No one cares about my businesses success the same way I do.
  • I have to “pay my dues” and build my business one step at a time.
  • The guys making money just got lucky.
  • If I keep working harder, I will get there.
  • Oh, and I promised my wife I would be able to provide for her and our family and I can’t let them down.

Are these thoughts the TRUTH or is it your belief system that keeps you working harder instead of smarter?  Do they keep you stuck trying the same things over and over and still barely keeping your business going?  It is time to trying thinking a different way.

Every professional athlete has a COACH that helps him TRAIN, GROW and SUCCEED.

Isn’t that what you want – TRAINING on how to run your business, strategies and techniques to help you GROW your business and support and motivation that will enable you to have SUCCESS.

Kim Cox The Contractor's Coach


My name is Kim Cox.  I am the co-owner of On Top Home Improvements, Inc. and I am a David Neagle Certified Coach.  Our business was once in the same position you are in right now – but not anymore!  We were stuck at just making it for years but we now enjoy a steady 7 figure income consistently.  I did it for our business and I can show you how to do it for your business too!



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