Columbia MD roof leak caused by failed vent pipe collar

“Homeowner shocked by low cost of roof repair by
honest Maryland roofing contractor!”

By Kim Cox:

When you see water stains on your ceiling or walls, especially during a hard rain, it’s normal to think–like many do: “Oh crap, Do I need a new roof?”

Maybe… but maybe not.

The only way you can know for sure is for a professional roofing company to do some detective work and a thorough inspection.

You see, there are many ways for water to sneak into your home.

Old, failed shingles, a rotted roof deck, and missing or damaged flashing are common. And yes… And yes… unfortunately, sometimes you need to re-shingle your roof.

Finding the true source of your roof leak

But here in Maryland…failed, deteriorated rubber boots around vent pipe collars can also be the culprit. To diagnose this type of roof leak requires a roofer with knowledge and experience, but the fix is usually pretty inexpensive compared to the cost of a new roof.

In fact, one of our recent Columbia, MD customers found water leaking inside his home, and when we explained the reason and cost to repair it, he was shocked it was so low!

Vent pipe collar

Vent pipe collar

The vent pipe collar is the vent pipe(s) that stick out through your roof to vent your plumbing system. It’s basically metal base and molded rubber boot which acts as a seal between the pipe and your roof to keep water out of your house.

FYI… Rain water that goes inside the vent pipe simply drains down into the plumbing pipes in your home (assuming a plumbing pipe isn’t the culprit).

It’s common for the rubber to eventually deteriorate from our MD weather and leak.

Once your roof leak is accurately diagnosed as a faulty vent pipe collar, your trusty roofing contractor may be able to temporarily patch it with caulking. But replacing the collar is the right, and recommended fix.

Either way, this type of repair is a heck of a lot cheaper than a new roof.

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