Don’t let old, stuck windows prevent you from enjoying the fresh smells of spring

By Kim Cox:

So I know what you’re thinking…

Why talk about spring when sunshine is only predicted two out of the next ten days… and it’s not even nice enough yet to open the windows?

You’re right… BUT it will be soon.

And don’t you want to be ready to enjoy it when it finally does get here?

So the question is… when it finally does get nice enough to let some fresh air on your house, will you be able to open your windows so you can enjoy it?

Or… do they stick so much that it’s difficult to open them without slicing up your hand or breaking the window?

Let’s face it… Opening your windows should be super easy and smooth.

Double hung windows should be open easily and smoothly

Double hung windows should open easily and smoothly

If opening your windows is such a pain in the butt that you don’t even bother to try, then call us because we can help.

It’s not that tired, old, sticky windows are just a hassle…

They’re also probably robbing you of hundreds of dollars a year in energy bills, not to mention taking away your ability to enjoy the fresh spring smells and breezes inside your home.

That’s where high quality vinyl replacement windows from Simonton come into play.

Quit messing with old windows!

Simply call me at 301-368-3551 to schedule a free, no-obligation, and ZERO-pressure window analysis of your local Maryland home.

And for goodness sake… THINK SPRING!

It’s sure time, isn’t it?

Whether your home is in Frederick, or Silver Spring, over to Columbia, Maryland, or any community in between, we can help!

To get your free, no-obligation windows analysis,
or to ask a question, call Kim at 301-368-3551

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