Leaf-clogged Gutters Can Cause $1000’s of Damage!

By Kim Cox:

The leaves are falling!

That means it’s time to start your yearly leaf cleanup…

Leaves in your yard are obvious because you can see them… but there’s also one more important item on your Maryland home you need to check out. And yet, it’s often overlooked.

It’s your gutters and downspouts.

You see, without proper precautions, falling leaves will completely clog up your gutter in no time. It’s a common problem, and one you should not ignore.

You may not realize it, but clogged gutters can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home.

  • It could get so heavy, that the gutter pulls right off your home, causing costly damage to your
    utters clogged with leaves can cause serious damage

    Don’t let gutters clogged with leaves cause serious and costly damage to your Maryland home

    fascia, siding, and landscaping

  • When gutters are plugged up with leaves, water overflows, running down the siding, damaging it, causing cracks in the foundation, and running into your basement
  • Stagnant water causes rot and mildew problems with wood fascia and soffits that may require expensive replacement
  • Clogged gutters can cause ice buildup, increasing the chance of you getting dangerous ice dams, which cause their own set of problems

Don’t let leaves clog your gutters and cause expensive repairs!

Let us inspect your gutters and downspouts to make sure they’re not clogged up, and they are working correctly to divert the water runoff where it’s safe.

At least once a year, after the leaves have come down, clean leaves and debris out of your gutters Sure… You can do it yourself if you prefer, or you can hire a professional. (If you do it yourself, please be safe)

Install high-quality leaf or gutter guards, such as Valor Gutter Guards, to prevent leaves and debris from getting in your gutters in the first place.  No more worries about clogged gutters and downspouts – ever again.

Or you can get more information about seamless gutters and gutter guards here.

Whether your home is in Frederick, or Silver Spring, over to Columbia, Maryland, or any community in between, we can help!

To get your free, no-obligation gutter analysis, or
to ask a question, call Kim at 301-368-3551 

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