Maryland Homeowner’s Autumn Checklist

By: Kim Cox

Love it or hate it… Fall and cold, crisp mornings are here now, and winter is just around the corner.

Maryland house in autumn

Don’t forget to do a fall home inspection

It’s also an excellent time to inspect a few essential things around your home to make sure everything is safe and works efficiently.

So I’ve created a quick checklist for you to help you prepare your home for the cold weather, keep your family safe, and save you money on your heating costs.


  1. Check your roof for ripped, curled, or missing shingles.
  2. Check for black or dark mold stains on the bottom of the sheathing in the attic. Mold can be a health danger to your family.
  3. Did you have ice dams last winter? Improper attic ventilation can cause lots of expensive ice and water damage. Have a home improvement professional check to make sure your home is ventilated correctly.


  1. Check windows for rotted or discolored wood, broken glass or frames.
  2. Do your windows seal correctly to prevent cold air leaking into your home?
  3. Check for missing window glazing.
  4. Do your windows look foggy even when they are clean?
  5. Got mold building up on your window frames?


  1. Check for leaks in, and behind, the gutters.
  2. Look for damaged, bent, or broken gutters or downspouts.
  3. Make sure downspouts funnel the water several feet away from your foundation.
  4. Check for peeling paint on the bottom of your siding or trim.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  1. You do have them installed in the appropriate places, right?
  2. Replace the batteries. (some people replace them when the time changes)
  3. Test all detectors. (there’s usually a test button on them)


  1. Make sure you get your chimney cleaned, before you use it.
  2. Check your damper to make sure it operates smoothly and correctly.
  3. Clean any debris from your firebox.

These are important items to check this fall.

And if you have any questions at all, call me!

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