Seamless gutters prevent costly wood rot

It’s springtime here (finally!) in the Frederick, MD area.

And if you’re like most of us, you’re probably wondering how your home’s exterior survived this unusually long, harsh winter.

Seamless gutters can prevent rotted wood and siding

Seamless gutters can prevent peeling paint and rotted wood trim

You’ve got as lot of money invested in keeping your home beautiful and safe. And when you’re outside inspecting your home, the last thing you want to see is rotting wood and peeling paint on your home’s exterior siding and trim.

But it happens. A lot.

Frankly, there are several things that can eat away and destroy exterior wood, damaging it beyond repair.

In our 30+ years of home improvement experience, we’ve found that missing, damaged, or improperly installed gutters cause the most damage to your home.

You see, rain water runs off your roof, thousands of gallons at a time. And when there are no gutters to properly collect and route it to your lawn, water literally pours down to the ground or your deck.

The problems caused by roof water runoff

The biggest problem happens when water splashes back up onto your deck or siding, and it prevents the wood from

Aluminum seamless gutter

Aluminum seamless gutters look great, too!

drying out. Not to mention accumulate around your foundation walls, possible damaging them.

The paint starts peeling, (look at the picture), and the wood soon starts to rot, eventually crumbling away.

Water, moisture, and wood – let’s just say – they don’t get along.

Even slapping a new coat of paint on it won’t help at this point, not until you fix the source of the problem, which is too much moisture.

What’s the best way to prevent exterior water problems?

Seamless gutters prevent your home’s exterior siding and trim from costly rot

Properly install a quality aluminum seamless gutter, which will divert roof water runoff to a practical and sensible place in your yard, keeping it away from your home’s exterior and foundation.

Plus… they’ll never leak, they’re strong, beautiful, will never rust, and will last your years to come.

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