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OnTop Home Improvements Storm Alert

Unfortunately, bad practices and bad people sometimes go hand-in-hand with bad weather. When those bad people are unlicensed and unethical contractors, we call them, “Construction Storm Chasers”.

Much like the ambulance chasers in the world of lawyers, these Storm Chasers lie in wait to pounce on homeowners who suffer damage during a storm. Some even travel the country going from hotel to hotel, following severe weather.

Below are some of the most common practices used by these Construction Storm Chasers:

  • They do not carry a Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) License:
    You can learn more about MHIC by visiting their website at:
  • If they do present a MHIC License to you, there is a very good chance that the license is not in their name.
    Commonly, Storm Chasers will purchase licenses from contractors that are retired or out of business and then try to operate under their license.
  • They claim that they will handle all the insurance work for you.
    There is no reason for anyone to handle your insurance except for you.  Your insurance agent is there to help you and they won’t respond to a contractor representing you any faster than they will get to you personally.
  • If you do agree to let a contractor handle your insurance for you, you are essentially hiring them to do the work on your house.
    You will be giving up your right to hire who you want to hire!  Any reputable, licensed, insured contractor will have no problem giving you a free estimate – no strings attached.
  • They produce inferior work or use inferior materials.
    Storm Chasers tend to buy the cheapest products out there in order to maximize their profits to cover costs of chasing storms and living/working out of hotels.  Local supply houses give priority to local contractors which enables us to assure you that you will only receive the highest quality products.
  • They often come to the area just to take advantage of people suffering after a storm.
    There are many highly reputable, properly licensed, fully insured contractors who live and work here all the time.
  • Know that the contractor you hire will be there if something fails in the future.
    Storm Chasers will be gone as soon as another storm pops up somewhere else.  A local contractor will be here to service any problems you may have in the future.

Be an EMPOWERED consumer!

Know your rights and responsibilities before you sign with any contractor!

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