‘Tis the time for spring cleaning and home maintenance…

Phew… Did we have some serious snow this winter or what? Personally, I hope it’s done ’till next year.

But now spring has arrived here in Montgomery County, it’s time to take care of your home.

clogged gutter

Do your gutters look like this?

Spring cleaning is a traditional (though not always fun) task of washing windows, and giving the interior of your house a thorough cleaning to get rid of dust and dirt that’s accumulated over the winter.

And picking up downed branches and debris, and raking the yard is always a project you may prefer to do yourself, or you want to sub it out.

But spring cleaning is more than cleaning. It’s also about maintaining one of your most valuable assets – your home.

I’m sure you’d rather play 18 holes of golf on the first nice 75 degree day…

But keep in mind how important it is to at least take a walk around your home and look for obvious signs of winter damage.

A harsh winter can raise havoc with your home’s exterior, and procrastinating could cost you more in repair bills.

So with that in mind, here are a few things to look at…

Gutters, downspouts: Make sure they’re securely attached and haven’t pulled away from your home. Also check for gutters that may be clogged with debris and leaves, and clean if necessary..

Siding: Check for loose, missing, or damaged siding, shakes, and trim Give vinyl or wood siding a good cleaning with a pressure washer. This will help prevent mold from growing. If wood siding is bare wood, or paint is peeling, wash, sand, prime, and repaint trouble areas..

Windows and doors: Check your screens for rips or holes. Patch ones you find, or replace the screen. Check for broken windows or trim. Check for new cracks, and re-caulk, repaint or replace.

Foundation: Check your foundation walls and floor for new cracks or heaves. Water damage caused by improper or failed gutters are one of the common reasons. If you see something wrong, get it checked right away.

Roof: Inspect for missing, torn, or curled roofing shingles. Check eaves and soffits for anything out of the ordinary. Use binoculars if you can’t get on a ladder. If you do get on your roof, BE SAFE, and make sure someone is with you.

Deck and porches: Check for loose or damaged decking, balusters, and railings. If it’s wood, then it’s a great time to wash it, and if necessary, reapply decking stain to protect it and make it look beautiful again.

Of course, On Top Home Improvements can perform your spring home inspection of these items. And it’s absolutely free!

Whether your home is in Frederick, or Silver Spring, over to Columbia, or any community in between, we can help!

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